• Clip Studio Paint Tutorial: the 8 basics for illustration
    Illustration Teacher

    Clip Studio Paint Tutorial: the 8 basics for illustration

    Learn the basic keys of the drawing and illustration tool with José Luis Ágreda The drawing and animation program Clip Studio Paint is one of the most interesting alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, although it is perhaps less well known. The software, of Japanese origin, is created especially to help in the illustration process, so it is worth trying it out in order to compare it with other more popular ones. José Luis Ágreda (@agreda), illustrator and comic book artist who was also recently the art director of the animated film 'Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas', is an expert in the handling of Clip Studio Paint and has synthesized everything you need to know when starting to use the program in 8 essential points. Discover the Clip Studio Paint tutorial in the following video:

  • Typography Tutorial: OpenType fonts
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering Teacher

    Typography Tutorial: OpenType fonts

    Discover with Enric Jardí the advantages of using OpenType fonts in your editorial design projects OpenType is a unique and scalable typographic format, capable of offering a complete range of typefaces, and is also able to adapt to the main operating systems (Windows, Mac and Unix). Enric Jardí, a graphic designer specializing in editorial and typographic design, reveals all his secrets when it comes to getting the most out of OpenType fonts

  • How To Draw and Color a Snail Like a Pro!

    How To Draw and Color a Snail Like a Pro!

    Unlock your creativity with our free PDF tutorial on drawing and coloring a snail. Dive into step-by-step instructions and unleash your inner artist. Perfect for beginners and seasoned illustrators alike, discover the joy of bringing your artwork to life! Are you ready to dive into the world of illustration? Imagine a quiet afternoon, your sketchpad ready for action. Now, imagine adding a charming snail to the mix, slowly crawling across the page. Intrigued? Well, you're in luck because we're about to spill the beans on an exciting artistic adventure that will have you buzzing with inspiration. We all know that art has the power to transport us to different realms, evoke emotions, and ignite our imagination like nothing else. Whether you're a seasoned illustrator or just beginning, there's always something magical about putting pen to paper and bringing your ideas to life. And what better subject to explore than the humble yet utterly fascinating snail?

  • Where to Find Inspiration to Design with Geometric Shapes
    Illustration Teacher

    Where to Find Inspiration to Design with Geometric Shapes

    In graphic design and illustration, geometric shapes are timeless. We find a lot of inspiration in it and the core of our work is based on seemingly simple shapes. Most of us don’t give much thought to a square, circle or triangle but sometimes they carry profound meanings or are used to evoke various emotions. And they are also easy to use for their decorative qualities. A pointy square or one with rounded corners generate different feelings towards it: hard and sharp or soft and gentle. So utilizing geometric shapes in design is not just about creating visually appealing work; it's actually tapping into the universal language of shapes to convey messages and call for reactions. This article explores where to search if you want to create with geometric shapes, blending simplicity with profound meaning.

  • Unlocking Emotion Through Color:  An Ultimate Guide to Illustrative Mastery
    Illustration Teacher

    Unlocking Emotion Through Color: An Ultimate Guide to Illustrative Mastery

    In visual storytelling, the tools and mediums I select are not just instruments; they are the very foundation upon which my narratives take shape. My individual journey through illustration has been defined by the exploration of vibrant colors, intriguing textures, and the emotion that each piece conveys. Let me take you behind the scenes of my creative process, highlighting the sketchbooks, tools, and theories that bring my stories to life.

  • Create to Impact: Techniques for Generating Innovative Ideas in the Audiovisual World
    Marketing Teacher

    Create to Impact: Techniques for Generating Innovative Ideas in the Audiovisual World

    In a world saturated with content, finding that spark of originality can seem like an impossible task. However, with the right strategy, it is possible not only to come up with unique, clear concepts. But also to successfully execute them. From my experience as a graphic designer, advertising art director and later copywriter for audiovisual entertainment pieces, I have identified three keys that will help you develop original pieces that not only capture the imagination but are also feasible to carry out. In addition, at the end of this article, I invite you to download an additional resource I have prepared: "Steps to get to an idea", which will guide you through the creative process.

  • Illustration Tutorial: How to Color with Watercolor
    Illustration Teacher

    Illustration Tutorial: How to Color with Watercolor

    Learn how to add color to your illustrated stories simply and easily with Paula Bossio Watercolor offers an interesting way to add color to your drawings. Its flexibility allows for an original style that's worth trying out and experimenting with. In this tutorial, graphic designer, illustrator and author Paula Bossio (@paulabossio) explains how to use it to bring color to your work. Prepare your sketch and let's go!

  • Illustration Tutorial: How to Launch Your Instagram Profile
    Illustration Teacher

    Illustration Tutorial: How to Launch Your Instagram Profile

    Create an illustrator profile on Instagram that makes your work stand out and attract new clients, with a little help from the illustration agency Pencil A social media profile has become the new cover letter for creatives across all fields, especially illustrators. It serves as an intuitive, free, and attractive way to present your portfolio of work. Instagram, being so easy to use and having such a wide reach, is among the best options you have available. It is a great way for people to discover your illustration work. To help you make the most of your illustrator profile on Instagram, Sandra López–from the illustration agency Pencil (@Pencil)–shares some key tips to help you make wise decisions and reach as many people as possible. Discover Sandra’s tips in the following video:

  • 5 Tips for Choosing Print & Pattern for the Home
    Design Teacher

    5 Tips for Choosing Print & Pattern for the Home

    In the realm of interior design, the selection of pattern design for homeware products is an art that reflects personal style and transforms a house into a home. Patterns add depth, interest, and character, serving as the fabric of our domestic environment. Whether you're a designer seeking inspiration or a homeowner looking to update your space, these five tips will guide you in selecting the perfect pattern design for your homeware products.

  • From Vision to Creation: The Secret of Marta Cortese to Transform Inspiration into Innovative Textile Design
    Craft Teacher

    From Vision to Creation: The Secret of Marta Cortese to Transform Inspiration into Innovative Textile Design

    At the heart of my creativity has always pulsed an insatiable passion for art and design. This passion, cultivated since childhood, led me to explore different artistic spheres, from architecture to textile design. With more than three decades of experience, I share with you not only the fruit of my passion but also the process that transforms an idea into a tangible masterpiece.

  • Grunge Music: History, Characteristics and Artists
    Music & Audio

    Grunge Music: History, Characteristics and Artists

    Explore the gritty world of Grunge Music: its history, defining characteristics, and legendary artists. Dive in now! Welcome to a journey through the raw, unapologetic realm of grunge music. A sound that touched the hearts of millions of young people in the '90s and continues to find new fans even today through old souls. Its raw, gritty sound, deeply resonated with the audience. It felt real, struck true, and it still does today (as someone who has an only grunge music listening session every now and then can attest). In this sonic landscape, we'll unravel the origins, essence, and influential figures of a genre that reshaped the musical landscape. From the rain-soaked streets of Seattle to the global stage, grunge transcended mere music, it became a rebellion, an anthem for the disenchanted, and a testament to the power of authenticity.

  • How to Become a Jewelry Designer

    How to Become a Jewelry Designer

    If you're passionate about creativity and enjoy jewelry, becoming a jewelry designer could be the perfect career for you. Jewelry design is a unique profession that combines art, craftsmanship, and design into an expression of tangible beauty. This discipline goes beyond creating ornaments; it's a medium through which stories are told, culture is celebrated, and individuality is expressed in an intimate and luxurious manner. If your passion lies in aesthetics, meticulous detail, and constant innovation, the path to becoming a jewelry designer could be your calling. This post will give you a basic overview of this profession, from understanding the role of a jewelry designer, career opportunities, salary, and some important references if you're passionate about this world.

  • Free PDF: Basic Puppy Pattern

    Free PDF: Basic Puppy Pattern

    The complete pattern to knit the basic puppy. This should serve as a basis to create your own designs. This is also a good alternative to taxidermy...! Keep in mind that there are always alternatives to taxidermy!

  • Crafting Your Style in InDesign: An Editorial Design Guide
    Design Teacher

    Crafting Your Style in InDesign: An Editorial Design Guide

    In the realm of editorial design, finding your unique voice is pivotal. It sets you apart, defines your work, and communicates your vision to your audience. Adobe InDesign, with its comprehensive toolkit for layout and design, offers endless possibilities for creative expression. This article explores strategies to help you carve out your own style in editorial design using InDesign, ensuring your publications stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Building the Habit of Reading: A Journey to Literary Pleasure
    Writing Teacher

    Building the Habit of Reading: A Journey to Literary Pleasure

    Hello everyone! I'm María José Castaño, and I want to ask you a question that many people have rolling around in their heads lately: Have you ever set out to take up this habit again and felt that it's a difficult mountain to climb? Probably so and that's why I share with you these lines to guide you on this journey towards literary pleasure in a sustained manner over time. Reading is more than a simple activity; it is a door to infinite worlds, to emotions that transform us and to knowledge that enriches us. However, sometimes modern times take us away from this enriching habit. But I can guarantee you that there is a way back to take it up again or build it from scratch. To begin with, I want to share with you a tool that will be of great help in this process: My "Commitment template". Download it and use it as your personal map in this journey. This template will help you set realistic goals, plan your reading time and track your progress.

  • Sparking Creativity: A Guide to Concept Art & Worldbuilding Inspiration
    Illustration Teacher

    Sparking Creativity: A Guide to Concept Art & Worldbuilding Inspiration

    In the creative fields of concept art design and worldbuilding, finding fresh inspiration is crucial for developing immersive, engaging environments and narratives. Whether for video games, films, novels, or any other medium, the ability to conjure vivid worlds from scratch is a useful skill to have. This article explores diverse strategies to spark inspiration and fuel the creative process for concept artists and worldbuilders.

  • Easter cookies with VanilleCouture
    Craft Teacher

    Easter cookies with VanilleCouture

    Hello, creative baking lovers! We are Lili and Willie from VanilleCouture, and we are here to sweeten your day with a couple of delicious and amazing cookie decorations for this Easter. Are you ready to enter the magical world of decorated cookies? Then get ready to surprise everyone with your creations! We are going to make two cookies, the first one will be a cupcake with bunny ears and the second one will be a pair of mini bunny and bunny cookies with their carrots. Remember that as part of this tutorial we are going to share with you the illustrations, and if you want to learn more about how to make our icing, cookie dough and consistencies, we recommend to you our course in Domestika "Advanced Techniques for Cookie Decorating".

  • Interior Design Tutorial: tips for using color in your home
    Architecture & Space Teacher

    Interior Design Tutorial: tips for using color in your home

    Learn how to define a color palette and apply the 60-30-10 rule in the low cost decoration of your home with Sofía Savarí O'Keefe Colors can help us create harmonious and elegant environments, but their combination, as well as their proportion, has to follow a series of guidelines to achieve the best results. In the following tutorial, Sofía Saraví O'Keefe (@decolookbook), decorator, teaches us how to define a color palette and apply the 60-30-10 rule to design interiors. Discover it below:

  • Richard Avedon: A Century of Portrait Photography

    Richard Avedon: A Century of Portrait Photography

    It's the Centenary of the birth of Richard Avedon, the most famous portrait photographer of the last century...! And for the skeptics: Google agrees with the statement! If you search for: "the most famous photographer" Richard appears first. But if you, instead type: "the most famous photographers you should know" Julia Margaret Cameron takes the lead, and Avedon doesn't even show up until the 50th place... What are you trying to tell us, Google? Symbols of Themselves

  • What Is A Vignette In Literature and In Film?

    What Is A Vignette In Literature and In Film?

    Discover the essence of vignettes in literature and film. Learn how these brief, vivid scenes create deep emotional impact and narrative depth. The vignette, a tiny window into a world, a fleeting glimpse of emotion, a whisper of narrative. It’s like catching fireflies in a jar, each one a sparkling moment of brilliance. But what exactly is a vignette, you ask? Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the magic behind these miniature masterpieces. What is a Vignette A painting, but with words. A snapshot, frozen in time. A haiku, rich with meaning. That’s the essence of a vignette, a short, impressionistic scene that captures a moment, a mood, or a feeling in vivid detail.

  • Image Rights: Navigating the Complex World of Licensing

    Image Rights: Navigating the Complex World of Licensing

    Dive into the intricacies of image usage rights and licensing. From understanding the basics to exploring key takeaways, this guide demystifies the process for digital artists. Welcome to the intersection of creativity and legality, where the strokes of imagination meet the boundaries of law. As creators, we're constantly inspired, capturing moments and scenes with enthusiasm. But in the midst of our creative journey, we can't ignore a crucial aspect, image rights and licensing. Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the complexities surrounding image usage rights, shedding light on what every creator should know.

  • How to Color Plants: Free PDF Guide for Digital Artists

    How to Color Plants: Free PDF Guide for Digital Artists

    Elevate your digital artistry with our guide on coloring plants. Learn to play with shades, lighting, and texture to create enchanting botanical illustrations. Start your creative journey today! Are you ready to unwind and let your creativity soar? Today, we're diving headfirst into a world of colors, shades, and textures with our latest free download. Have you ever found yourself hesitating after completing the lineart of your plant drawing, unsure of how to tackle the next steps, the lighting, the shading, and the fear of making a misstep? Well, fear not! We've got you covered with this incredible guide. So, grab your tablet, crank up your favorite tunes, and get ready to spend some quality time doing what you love most, creating art.

  • Caring for Paper Pulp Objects: Ensuring Longevity and Beauty
    Craft Teacher

    Caring for Paper Pulp Objects: Ensuring Longevity and Beauty

    Paper pulp objects, with their unique textures and eco-friendly appeal, have become a favorite in the realm of sustainable art and decor. However, their material composition demands specific care to maintain their beauty and structural integrity over time. This article delves into practical tips for preserving your paper pulp creations, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your home or collection.

  • 5 Tips for Urban Illustrators by Urban Anna
    Illustration Teacher

    5 Tips for Urban Illustrators by Urban Anna

    Capturing the dynamic energy and unique character of city streets through watercolor techniques is a rewarding artistic pursuit. Whether you're drawn to the architectural beauty of historic buildings or the vibrant chaos of bustling urban scenes, mastering the art of urban watercolor opens up a world of creative possibilities. Here are five essential tips to help you portray your city with confidence and flair: 1. Finding the Ideal Reference Photo: A well-chosen reference photo serves as the foundation of any successful urban watercolor painting. Seek out images that capture the essence of your cityscape, with compelling compositions, interesting architectural details, and atmospheric lighting. Experiment with different angles and viewpoints until you discover the perfect reference photo that sparks your creativity and inspires your artistic expression. 2. Paper Quality Matters: Elevate your urban watercolor paintings by investing in top-notch paper. Look for heavyweight, acid-free paper specifically designed for watercolor use. Quality paper absorbs water evenly, allowing colors to blend seamlessly while providing the stability needed for intricate details and washes. 3. Waterproof Fineliners for Precision: Fine details and crisp lines can elevate your urban watercolor paintings from good to great. When adding intricate elements such as windows, doors, or architectural features, opt for waterproof fineliners. These pens prevent smudging and bleeding, preserving the integrity of your line work even when layered with watercolor washes. 4. Perfecting Sign Placement: Achieving balance and harmony in your cityscape illustrations requires careful consideration of sign placement. Before you pick up your brush, take the time to center signs and storefronts within your composition. This simple yet crucial step ensures that your paintings feel cohesive and visually pleasing. 5. Mastering Perspective with Ease: Conveying depth and dimension in urban landscapes requires a solid grasp of perspective. To simplify the process, I've created the One-Point Perspective Raster, a free downloadable tool designed to help artists draw in perspective effortlessly. With this handy grid, mastering the complexities of perspective becomes more accessible, allowing you to create realistic and immersive cityscapes with confidence.

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