Where to Find Inspiration to Design with Geometric Shapes

In graphic design and illustration, geometric shapes are timeless. We find a lot of inspiration in it and the core of our work is based on seemingly simple shapes. Most of us don’t give much thought to a square, circle or triangle but sometimes they carry profound meanings or are used to evoke various emotions. And they are also easy to use for their decorative qualities. A pointy square or one with rounded corners generate different feelings towards it: hard and sharp or soft and gentle. So utilizing geometric shapes in design is not just about creating visually appealing work; it's actually tapping into the universal language of shapes to convey messages and call for reactions. This article explores where to search if you want to create with geometric shapes, blending simplicity with profound meaning.

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Vector Character Design With Geometric Shapes, Loulou&Tummie

Look to Nature for Organic Geometry
Nature, with its beautiful balance and harmony, is a rich source of inspiration for geometric design. From the hexagonal patterns of honeycombs to the spiral shells of snails, nature is replete with geometric shapes that can inspire designs that feel both organic and structured. Observing and studying these natural phenomena can spark ideas for incorporating geometric forms into your work. And not to forget that all animals and plants and trees are an infinite source of inspiration on it’s own.

Study Historical and Cultural Significance
Geometric shapes have been used in art and design throughout history, each carrying its own symbolism and cultural significance. For instance, circles often represent unity and completeness, while squares symbolize stability and balance. Exploring the use of geometric shapes in different cultures and historical periods can offer a deeper understanding of how these forms can be imbued with meaning and used to communicate more profound messages in your designs.

Explore Modern Architecture
Modern architecture is a treasure trove of geometric inspiration. Drawing a building with loads of repetitive shapes, grid structures or giving it character like traits is our personal pleasure. Architects use geometric shapes not only for their structural benefits but also for their aesthetic qualities. The clean lines of modern buildings, the interplay of different geometric forms, and the use of space can inspire illustrative designs that are minimalist, dynamic, and impactful. Photographs of architectural masterpieces, whether lit’s a building in your street, national landmarks or famous buildings worldwide, can be a great starting point for your geometric-inspired designs.

Experiment with Digital Tools and Software
Digital design tools and software offer endless possibilities for experimenting with geometric shapes. Programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop come equipped with features that allow you to create, manipulate, and combine geometric forms in innovative ways. Using these tools, you can play with symmetry, repetition, and scale to discover new patterns and compositions that inspire your next project. It is a nice challenge to use geometrics in your designs on a computer without it looking impersonal or empty.

Look to the Arts for Abstract Inspiration
The abstract art movement, with its emphasis on basic geometric forms, offers a wealth of inspiration for designers. Artists like Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich and personal favourite Léon Wuidar explored the power of geometric shapes in conveying emotion and abstract ideas. Studying their work can inspire you to think about how shapes can be used abstractly to create compelling and thought-provoking designs.
Finally, engaging with the design community can provide a constant stream of inspiration. Online platforms, design blogs, and social media are filled with innovative designs often spark new ideas. Participating in design challenges or collaborations can also expose you to new perspectives and techniques in geometric design.

Step out of the box… or better, use that box in your next project. Our Domestika course will definitely help you to create work that is not only visually striking but also rich in meaning. Remember that the key to innovative geometric design lies in how these shapes are combined, contrasted and composed to communicate your ideas. Keep exploring, and let the world around you inspire your next geometric masterpiece.

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