How to care for a tattoo: tips and advice

Want to know how to care for your new tattoo? Look no further. In this guide you'll find everything you need to know to keep your tattoo in perfect condition

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Unless you are already very experienced in the world of tattoos, when you first get a tattoo or get one every few years, it is common to have questions about how to care for your tattoo and how to keep it looking its best both in the first few days and over time.

For a tattoo to look vibrant and crisp for years to come, it is crucial to follow a proper care process from the moment it is done until the skin heals completely. In this article, we take you step-by-step through how to care for a tattoo so that it looks perfect.

Choosing a tattoo studio

More and more people are taking the plunge and starting to dive into the world of tattoos. That's why it's becoming easier and easier to find tattoo artists who offer their work at affordable prices. But remember, what you are going to get is going to stay on your skin forever (we know there is laser), so we recommend that, first of all, you should analyse both the person who is going to tattoo you and the studio where he or she works.

Once you have decided and you have your tattoo ready, you must follow a few steps to cure it well.

Healing process

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After the tattoo has been completed, the healing process begins, a crucial phase in tattoo care. Here are some tips that can help the healing process go as smoothly as possible.

Cover the tattoo: When the tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist will apply a layer of clear film or plastic wrap to protect it. This cover helps prevent the entry of bacteria and keeps the tattoo protected from rubbing against clothing.

Hands, always clean: Before touching or cleaning the tattoo, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water to avoid any infection.

Gentle cleaning: after a few hours, remove the tattoo wrapper and wash it gently with lukewarm water and mild soap, preferably without fragrance or colouring. Do not scrub the tattoo, simply leave it under running water to remove excess ink and body fluids.

Gentle drying: After washing the tattoo, gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing or using rough towels, which may irritate the newly tattooed skin.

Applying cream: Once the tattoo is completely dry, apply a thin layer of moisturising cream (the tattooist will probably recommend one to you). Specific tattoo care creams help to keep the skin moisturised and promote healing. Be careful, because it is not advisable to moisturise the tattoo area too much during the first few days.

Avoid exposure to sun and water: During the healing process, avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight and swimming in pools, hot tubs or the ocean, as the water may contain bacteria that could infect the healing tattoo.

Don't scratch the tattoo: As the tattoo begins to heal, you may feel itching or discomfort. Resist the temptation to scratch, as this can damage the skin and affect the final quality of the tattoo.

Long term maintenance

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Once the tattoo has fully healed, it is important to continue to care for it to keep it looking vibrant and crisp for years to come. Here are some tips for long-term care:

Regular moisturising: continue to apply moisturiser to the tattoo regularly to keep the skin supple and prevent dryness and discolouration.

Sun protection: protect your tattoo from the sun by using sunscreen with a high protection factor. Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade colours and damage the skin.

Keep the skin clean: Gently wash the tattoo with soap and water regularly to remove dirt and debris that may accumulate on the skin.

Schedule touch-ups as needed: Over time, your tattoo may experience wear and fading. Schedule regular touch-ups with your tattoo artist to keep your tattoo in top condition.

Following these tips and recommendations will help you care for your tattoo properly, from the moment it is done until long after it has fully healed. Remember that tattoo care is a long-term commitment that requires attention and dedication, but the results are worth it when a vibrant and beautiful tattoo is maintained over the years.

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