• 3 Creative Retouching Techniques to Work Magic on Your Photos

    3 Creative Retouching Techniques to Work Magic on Your Photos

    Create alternate realities with three simple creative retouching techniques in Photoshop that will transform your photos. Silvia Grav (@silviagrav) began making waves in international photography from a young age: this self-taught photographer has collaborated with brands like HBO, Lexus and Samsung, inspired the makers of the opening sequence of True Detective and has impacted half the world with her fascinating photographs. Her process begins behind the camera – and she is often the one who poses in front of it too – but a good part of the magic is made in post production, with different professional creative retouching techniques such as reshaping the image, painting with light, and blending images to create dreamlike visions that affect the viewer. Discover these three creative retouching techniques to transform your photos:

  • 7 Habits of Effective Artists

    7 Habits of Effective Artists

    What separates successful artists from their fans? 3D artist and animator, Andrew Price, gives you some advice to improve your artistic development. In 2015, creator Andrew Pierce made a bet with his younger cousin: whoever managed to get 1000 likes for their painting work and 2D drawing would win $1000. Six months later, Andrew had done it. His bet inspired his Blender Conference 2016 talk, The Habits of Effective Artists. In it, he shares how to be a more effective artist, the habits and practices of the best artists in computer graphics and tricks and advice on how to improve your own work.

  • Illustration Tutorial: 5 Basic Tips on How to Shade with Ink

    Illustration Tutorial: 5 Basic Tips on How to Shade with Ink

    5 basic tips from Sergio Bleda on how to shade with ink and take light into account Shading gives depth to your drawings: it makes something flat, three-dimensional. Inking and shading are fundamental components of the process of designing a comic. They help us place an object or character, illustrating the space in which they are found and helping the viewer understand where the light is coming from. Cartoonist and illustrator Sergio Bleda (@sergibleda) shares his tips and tricks on how to shade like an expert with India ink. All you need are: two synthetic brushes (number 1 and number 2), 300gsm Canson paper, and Winsor & Newton India ink.

  • What Is a Mood Board and What Is It For?

    What Is a Mood Board and What Is It For?

    Learn how to create a mood board, the essential tool for the development of your design, photography or illustration projects, with Zita Chocarro, from Hamabi Design. Every designer and creative needs tools to inspire themselves and bring out their best ideas when they are developing their projects. Mood boards are a key part of the creative process: they serve as a reference to help find and coordinate the aesthetics, colors, textures, and materials you want to work with. What is a mood board? Also known as an inspiration board, a mood board consists of a digital or physical collage of ideas, a whole world of colors and shapes normally used in the fields of interior design, fashion and graphic design. These boards have everything you need to define the direction of your project: photographs, designs, illustrations, color palettes, textures or descriptive concepts.

  • The 20 essential keyboard shortcuts to boost your Cinema 4D productivity
    Web & App Design

    The 20 essential keyboard shortcuts to boost your Cinema 4D productivity

    Speed ​​up your workflow in any 3D project with these shortcuts for Cinema 4D The world of 3D has plenty of tools for almost anything you might need, from modeling, texturing and animating, illuminating, generating fluids, land or integrate advanced physical models in your designs. Cinema 4D is one of the most advanced programs for creating 3D graphics and animations, perhaps the most widely used and recognized by the worldwide creative community. True professionals know all the secrets of this software, but the first thing you must learn to become one and improve your workflow with Cinema 4D is the keyboard shortcuts for the most important tools. Here are a few essential ones you should know to be more efficient when working in your designs with Cinema 4D:

  • What is Storytelling and Why are Brands So Interested In It?

    What is Storytelling and Why are Brands So Interested In It?

    Discover the world of storytelling with Seguel Claudio and learn what this concept brings to contemporary brands. In the world of modern advertisement, there are few words more touted around than storytelling. It is intended to define communication strategies that, among other things, engage the audience and help cultivate the brand image or identity. If you ask about the exact meaning of storytelling, however, you'll find very different answers depending on who you talk to. So we decided to use one of the most reliable sources in the world of branding: Claudio Seguel (@claudioseguel), a publicist, storyteller, and writer who, aside from teaching workshops on storytelling and advise brands on the subject through its consulting company Brandstory, is a founding partner of the Copywriter Festival and a university teacher. Find out what storytelling means and why all brands are interested in this concept.

  • 22 Essential Capture One Keyboard Shortcuts and how to create your own

    22 Essential Capture One Keyboard Shortcuts and how to create your own

    Discover how to create your own keyboard shortcuts, in addition to learning the basic ones, for this RAW editing software Capture One is an application developed by Phase One, a manufacturer of medium format digital camera systems. They created it to enhance the workflow in photography and get great results. It focuses on cataloging collections of images, developing RAW files, and professional color grading. The program uses its own processing engine and takes advantage of the RAW shooting mode in cameras. This mode offers a wider range of editing possibilities because the files have the largest range of information captured by the camera sensor. That way, you can better work out the details and colors on the image, making it one of the best applications for digital photography. Designed by and for professional photographers, Capture One provides full control over every aspect of the image with many customizable tools. One of its best features is the long list of keyboard shortcuts and the fact that, in addition to the default ones, you can also create your own.

  • What Is an Art Curator?

    What Is an Art Curator?

    Julius Wiedemann tells us what an art curator is and what their job consists of within an art exhibition

  • What is UX?

    What is UX?

    Strike Heredia, a designer specializing in user experience and digital products, clarifies what UX is. UX has a never-ending list of definitions and they are becoming more extensive day by day. There's a good reason for it. Although UX started as a collection of techniques used in websites and apps, they are being increasingly applied to all kinds of places. Peruvian designer Strike Heredia has spent years helping all kinds of consumer brands overcome their design, creativity and strategy problems. He also designs the UX layer upon which digital products are built. He will help us land on a definition of UX that promises to dispel some of the most common misconceptions.

  • 10 essential keyboard shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects
    Web & App Design

    10 essential keyboard shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects

    Be more efficient in your motion graphics workflow using these shortcuts in After Effects There are two ways to multiply your productivity during the creative process: have a good team and know the essential keyboard shortcuts. Like many other programs, Adobe After Effects lets you perform actions and select options much faster using key combinations. This helps simplify various repetitive tasks we sometimes have to perform in After Effects and allows us to focus on the creation and composition of professional-looking motion graphics and effects special. These are the 10 essential shortcuts you should know to be more efficient in After Effects CC:

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