Politics Proof Of Kambon

Killing White People

Where is the Proof?

By Daniel Muniz

Considering the PC of our time, I don’t doubt that this former “professor” may have stood before an audience and spoke these very words. However:

  1. Who wrote this article? D.W. doesn’t lend itself to much credibility. What is his/her authority? How can I verify this speech? Who else heard these remarks?
  2. When and where did Kambon speak?
    The above comment is a question asked by a reader about the article, Kill All White People – Professor’s Call to Genocide, written by DW. And that is a pretty good question because Kamau Kambon, who is black, made some rather outrageous statements at a prestigious university explaining why white people must be exterminated. But more to the point, hardly anybody has ever heard of this guy because the mainstream media ignored it.

Admittedly, it is difficult for a lot of people to take such a dramatic account seriously especially when there is barely any news coverage about this incident. However, when comedian Michael Richards (Kramer on the Seinfeld TV series) did his racial outburst on stage, the press saturated the airwaves with it. Talk shows and all the major media outlets gave the country wall to wall coverage and analysis about racism in America. And that was pretty amazing for a washed up actor and comedian performing at a second rate entertainment venue to garner so much attention.

Yet, here is a former college professor speaking at a well known university inciting violence and calling for genocide against a race of people merely because of the color of their skin but nobody in press cared. So did this incident really happen and if so, where is the proof of it?

Speaking for D.W. as well as for any columnist here, my answer is for you to go look up for yourself.

Now I don’t want to sound flippant or disingenuous to our readership because there is a certain level of integrity that our publication desires to uphold and maintain thus it is crucial that we use the best reliable sources available. And it is truly dishonest to use unsubstantiated material as if it were Gospel. However, it is incumbent for people to question the places where they gather their information from as well as to examine rather incredulous stories on their own accord. Also, there is an old maxim that states:

Don’t believe anything you hear and only one-tenth of what you read.

Perhaps that is the most important advice for our day and age, especially with how the media omits certain newsworthy events while sensationalizing frivolous tabloid stories. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for people to investigate specific items for themselves; particularly when some stories do seem incredible. And to practice what I preach, I decided to independently verify this incident myself instead of asking DW for his sources. Here is what I found:

That is the official response from Howard University and the personal statement from its president concerning Kamau Kambon. The university confirms that the incident did take place and there were obviously plenty of people who heard Dr. Kambon’s remarks thus it satisfies the “when and where” portion of our reader’s question. And you cannot get any more official than a personal statement from the college president on a university web site.

And take a look at Kambon’ speech caught on video (click here). I found this 49 second excerpt on Google Video which is C-SPAN footage. It also has links to point you directly to C-SPAN where you can see the entire speech.

A Google search produced over 19,000 hits which have plenty of audio and video clips of Kambon’s numerous calls for genocide. I only listened to a handful of them but it is chilling stuff.

Finding the above mentioned citations didn’t take long. I skipped over all the commentary and editorials because I wanted to find the most authoritative sources. I concluded that Howard University itself, Google Video, and C-SPAN were probably the best that I was going to get.

As for the credibility and authority of DW as well as anyone else who writes here, we are ordinary people. There is nothing authoritative about us. We simply analyze current events and offer our perspective on them. And finding the statement from Howard University and the C-SPAN footage on Google Video was something that anybody could do.

But more importantly, I often hear that the news is the rough draft of history. Unfortunately, rough drafts need a lot of revisions before they are done right and that is definitely the case here. The press went hog wild over comedian Michael Richards about how racism still exists in America yet they are almost entirely silent over a college professor and author who is calling for the genocide of white people. There is a blatant double standard in which the media harps over the racism against one race but completely ignores the racism that exists for another.

To the reader who asked us this question, I strongly urge him and everyone else to keep asking questions and to keep challenging the people who provide news and commentary. Don’t believe everything you read and hear because far too many media outlets are more interested in telling us what to think instead of reporting the news and the facts. Look things up for yourself and don’t be afraid to dispute anything that doesn’t pass the smell test.