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Misunderstood Nationalist

Understanding Michael Savage

By D.W.

If you tune into Michael Savage’s conservative AM radio talk show The Savage Nation without any previous knowledge of the man or his politics, you could easily become confused about whom he really is. If you ever catch him vehemently bashing the Bush Administration or the Republican Party, you might briefly mistake him for a liberal. His opinions are very often unique or extreme compared to others on the airwaves. However, the key to understanding Michael Savage and his show is to understand that he is a conservative but first and foremost, an American nationalist.

Michael Savage has a style that includes powerful monologues and his vicious attacks on callers cause one to either love or hate him. Dr. Savage’s brash and biting rhetoric also makes him far too caustic for many casual listeners and this can cause people to readily typecast him as an extremist nut without making a concerted effort to understand his positions. As a result, he has a lot of critics from both sides of the political spectrum, even those who might be his natural allies.