Politics Madame Traitor

Madame Traitor

Appeasing an Enemy Dictator

By D.W.

Back in day when Democrats were proud Americans first and not socialist weasels who hated their nation, only the President or his duly appointed representatives would negotiate with foreign leaders. The U.S. government only presented one voice and one message to foreign governments.

Now the Democrats are openly and proudly flaunting their break with this essential tradition and publicly undermining President Bush and our national security. At heart, many Democrats really aren’t concerned about our security because they only pretend to love this country.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi privately met Syrian President Bashar Assad for talks to circumvent the official American policy to isolate this hostile Arab country.

Syria is not our friend and never has been and never will be.

To entertain any such thoughts that they will be is foolish.

Syria and its leadership are only interested in one thing; furthering its own interests any way possible. They have been expanding their interests at the expense of the Lebanese government for decades and they are currently doing do so in Iraq.

The Syrian dictator is going to tell Madame Speaker exactly what she wants to hear and he will make every effort to exploit the partisan nature of American politics to his full benefit. Ms. Pelosi must surely understand this manipulation. If not, she is either blind to it because she really doesn’t care or is just crazy to believe him.

Of course, the opportunistic speaker surrendered her supposedly ardent “San Francisco” feminist values and donned a head scarf in the Muslim tradition. She is a craven politician with no real backbone who will put on any face for her own profit, values be dammed.

However, Assad realizes that America will eventually pull out of Iraq and all he has to do is prepare for that day.

If he can hasten this event by directly or indirectly supporting the insurgency in Iraq, then it is so much the better for him to do so. He already realizes that Democrats don’t care about Iraq and that their party wouldn’t oppose him if he interfered when the United States has left.

Also, Democratic victories would benefit Assad and as well as all other dictators around the globe so he should support the Democrats and undermine Bush at every possible chance.

What Pelosi is doing is very dangerous to the nation because it critically undermines the power of the President (regardless of party) and creates prime opportunities for hostile nations to exploit.

For example, suppose if a future president is confronting China about Taiwan, the Chinese will then have a precedent to circumvent our Commander-in-Chief and directly curry favor with the opposition party and within the U.S. government. Such a move ultimately incapacitates the President’s ability to effectively handle anything from national security to international trade.

Perhaps foreign nations have always attempted to influence American politics to a lesser extent, but it is going to happen more frequently with this precedent by Nancy Pelosi.

Who can blame Third World dictators and other autocrats who prefer a docile America that can’t intervene anywhere on the planet?

If you were one of these guys you would go full bore exploiting the U.S. political system to your advantage.

Incidentally, if any governmental official in China or Syria ever circumvented their chief executive and negotiated with foreign governments on their own, they would be immediately shot for treason.

Yet the United States is wide open for this type of abuse.

Democrats are okay with this exploitation because they think that everyone else in the world can be bought off or does not have not authentic harmful intentions to the United States. Yet, foreign nations like Syria can take our money and use it to stab us in the back.

The best way to hurt the United States is to influence the decisions of its leadership. Targeting selfish individuals and those with weaknesses for manipulation is a classic intelligence tactic and it works.

Nancy Pelosi and her surrender monkeys have just made it a lot easier for the bad guys to this.