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The Duke Lacrosse Accusations

By Daniel Muniz

You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don’t hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.

Also, you can severely reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men’s houses and take your clothes off for money.

-Ann Coulter
I hate sensational stories like the Duke Lacrosse rape case and I have absolutely no interest in keeping up with this never ending tabloid saga that is incessantly hyped up on television programs that masquerade as news broadcasts. But what I do find disturbing is not the sensationalism, but the circumstances surrounding the incident and how it is being played out in the media along the lines of class warfare and racial strife.

On the side of the Duke University Lacrosse team is the WASP element. The perception is that the “white” students simply hired entertainment for a party and they are now accused of raping a black woman. The team has been deluged with moral support and sympathy from all over the country. Their supporters portray these young men as hapless students who were out to have a good time but now they have been falsely accused of a sex crime. And naturally, the inference is made that the accuser comes from a seedy background that is hungry for money and publicity.

On the rape victim side, the accuser is depicted as a courageous woman who is going against the odds and the system by attempting to bring privileged affluent white kids to justice. She too has been showered with moral support and sympathy from all over the country because she is up against students from a prestigious university. The inference here is that the team is composed of a bunch of drunken rowdy rich white kids who took advantage of a black woman.

But what bothers me is that nobody in the press is talking about how unsafe this kind of entertainment really is. It is alarming that the media is only interested in the sensationalism of this case instead of discussing the real dangers involved.

As Ann Coulter rightly indicated, men who hire women to take their clothes off may end up getting a lot more than what they bargained for if the strippers accuse them of sexual assault. Likewise, women who take their clothes off for money may very well end up getting more than what they agreed to if the men they are entertaining decide that they want to do more than just look at naked girls.

On the surface, hiring strippers appears to be a simple transaction. But beneath the surface is the enormous risk. Strippers and the men who hire them are both opening themselves to potential problems because this form of entertainment, especially when it is done in a personal residence, can be very hazardous.

The women can be victimized in a violent sexual assault from their customers and the men who hired the strippers can be falsely accused of a sex crime.

However, the media doesn’t care about the facts.

The press loves extremes and this case is tabloid heaven because it involves rich white kids who hired an underprivileged black stripper that resulted in a salacious outcome. All kinds of fanciful speculations can be weaved from it that will keep talk shows and media outlets fixated for years to come.

The press certainly doesn’t want to discuss the risk involved in hiring strippers because it involves a moral aspect even though there clearly is an element of danger. As a result, the media is only interested in exploiting class warfare and inciting racial strife instead of bothering to examine the hazards of women getting paid money to take off their clothes in front of men. Unfortunately, it is the sensationalism that keeps the newscasters endlessly chattering about this story instead of discussing the sordid nature of the crime and that is what is so disturbing.

Hiring girls to get naked is very risky behavior and the more risk you take in your lifestyle decisions, the more severe the consequences might be.

No one deserves to be falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit and neither does anyone deserve to be raped. And regardless of what happened, somebody did something wrong and that person ought to be severely punished.

However, it is unfortunate that we have a press that doesn’t want to discuss the ramifications of this risky behavior because it involves morals and lifestyle decisions but perhaps it is this kind of awareness that can possibly help prevent similar incidents like this on.