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Is There Preferential Treatment – Part 1

By Daniel Muniz

Getting a traffic ticket is perhaps one of the worst feelings in the world. Not only does your wallet take a hit but also your insurance premium can skyrocket if you don’t get your citation dismissed by means of a defensive driving course.

And if you can’t get it dismissed, then the ticket stays on your record for a few years causing your insurance rates to go up.

However, just about every guy has wondered whether or not women really do get preferential treatment when it comes to being pulled over by a police officer. Does it really take a warm friendly smile and a little bit of charm by a woman to weasel out of getting a traffic ticket.

I decided to ask a few diverse female acquaintances for an honest insight about being stopped by the cops.

The answers I got were amazing however I must admit that this sampling has no scientific value and anecdotal evidence is by no means a substitute for authentic validated proof.

Below are the results of my informal survey. The names and certain identifying details have been changed.

Rose Marie
Of course we do. The more charming the woman is, the better.

I don’t care how anti-feminist it sounds… simply having boobs and a good smile work wonders.

I’ve never cried or begged or flirted…but I’ve been pulled over probably 10 times in my life. I’ve gotten one ticket – and that was for an inspection sticker that was four months overdue. And the cop apologized like crazy.

It’s just part of being a chick.

I think Rose Marie is right on this one. Although, I once got really ticked at a cop that pulled me over cause he was hitting on me, he was a slime ball, and he ended up writing me a ticket when I mouthed off to him. It drives me crazy when females start crying to get out of tickets. I have never done it. And don’t plan on doing it anytime soon. But I have had a couple of warnings as well. One time I didn’t have my registration, insurance or DL with me and got away with just a verbal warning.

I have been pulled over probably like 10 times and I NEVER get a ticket. And I swear I think it has to do with being female. I’ve never begged or cried, but I honestly think a nice smile and a little charm go a long way.

As to being female myself, I have not had a speeding ticket in 15 years, but have been pulled over more than 10 times. One time I was doing close to 95, got pulled over, and told the cop I was in labor (I was seven months pregnant at the time) and he tripped on himself trying to get away from my car. Me thinks he didn’t want a baby popping out on his shift.

Got pulled over for wearing no seatbelt, had expired tags, no insurance card and inspection was expired. Cop found out he was a patient at where I work and gave me a warning.

I never had a cop apologize to me for giving me a ticket.

In fact, I recall that almost every police officer seemed satisfied when they handed me the form to sign.

One time, an acquaintance of a friend of mine did have a cop apologize to her. It was on the Memorial Day weekend and she was on her way to meeting a big group of friends to go out to a club. She was an attractive teacher dressed like she was going to a nightclub with a tight short little skirt and a very revealing top.

She told the cop that she was a teacher and he profusely apologized for giving her a ticket claiming that he never gives teachers tickets but since it was the Memorial Day weekend, anyone who was being pulled over was being tracked. As a result, every speeder had to get a ticket regardless of the circumstance.

Now my friends were complaining that what does being a teacher or being in any profession have to do with getting an apology or avoiding a ticket. Was it her occupation or whether or not that she was just attractive with a sexy outfit that warranted the apology.

Some cops do not give tickets to people who are in certain types of professions. Usually it is called professional courtesy, but most cops don’t like to give nurses, paramedics, practitioners or doctors simple traffic tickets. If it is more serious, like DWI they will. So, I am not surprised about the teacher comment.

Certain professions… Hmm…

When cops pulled me over, I never get the opportunity to have idle conversation with them and none of them ever bothered to do any small talk with me. And during all those the times I never got the chance to spill out my life story. Overall, the police do not chitchat or ask what I do for a living.

And like that teacher acquaintance of mine as well as others, I always wondered about that. How was she able to get into a conversation about her profession in the first place?

As for all the times women get pulled over, when does the subject of a profession come up? I am assuming that the topic of “certain types of professions” only pertains to females?

Uhhhh…because I was always wearing scrubs.

Therefore they would ASK me what type of work I did.

And as to knowing the certain professions, uhhmmm, a lot of my patients are cops and they specifically will tell me they do not give many tickets to people who work in medicine.

Rose Marie
Well, maybe so. I was going to say that perhaps it’s the region that they’d strike up small talk, but you’re from Texas, so that wouldn’t make sense – I’d think Texas would be one of those regions.

I’ve been chatted with many of the times, if not all. One guy who pulled me over for speeding in Texas had grown up in the same small town in Oklahoma that I had and he was asking me who all I knew was still there.

Maybe it IS a chick thing. Never thought about that part. I just assumed it was normal to chat and be kind.

For many men, that is not normal. Cops usually don’t want to shoot the breeze with us when we get pulled over or talk about how our day went. In fact, it is all business when it comes to writing out a traffic ticket.

Somehow, I think that most men still feel that they get the short end of the stick. If anyone else would like to add to this, feel free to write back and I will include your comments.