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Angry Republican Mom

A Mother Who Means Business

National Summary had the opportunity to interview Lisa Zeimetz from Angry Republican Mom to ask her about the web site she runs and about her insight to politics.

The name of the web site, Angry Republican Mom, says it all. Lisa Zeimetz is bright, witty, and passionate about politics, campaigns, and elections.

Below are her responses to our interview questions. And National Summary would like to thank Lisa for her time and effort for this interview.

Web Site: Angry Republican Mom

Q. Please give us a little bit of personal background about yourself.

I’m a married mother of two children in rural Illinois. I became involved in politics and serving my community at a young age, starting with Student Congress in school, and extra-curricular activities such as Civil Air Patrol. Now I serve in an appointed position in my town, and volunteer for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s campaign.

Q. And also give us a background about your interest in politics.

I believe my interest in politics started when I was 12. I remember the city wanting to close down a public pool near my home, and petitioned to keep it open, along with attending city meetings, and even throwing a “skit” to persuade them to keep it open. They did. I wouldn’t say I became a “hardcore” Republican until September 11th, when terrorists attacked civilians in our nation. It made me so angry to hear people on NPR saying it was because we were an oil greedy nation. Call it “flipping a switch”. I knew I had to pick up a sword, or I would be letting the ignorant take over our country.

Q. What inspired you to create your web site?

I also have a home restoration website, and a commenter on that site was my inspiration. One day I posted Zell Miller’s RNC speech, and someone took aim at me and called me an [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. As if I wrote the speech, and heck, that REALLY was a great speech Zell gave! So, I decided to create my own political site to separate my feelings on politics from my writings on restoration.

Q. What have been the biggest challenges to maintaining your web site?

The biggest challenges have been time and expertise. With working at my husband’s business, and having two children, there have been times I simply could not write. I also have little experience in HTML, and I’ve been self-teaching (or self stumbling) the teaks to make the site enjoyable.

Q. What has been the greatest satisfaction you have gotten from your web site?

My greatest satisfaction has come from how many people read my site. I don’t really provide any “news” or anything educational, it has been mostly opinion. It’s amazing how many people can put up with my rantings!

Q. The 2004 presidential election has been one of the most polarized elections in recent memory. Do you think that today people are more politicized than ever before?

I really think that there’s more of a focus on special interest groups in the press, making the nation seem more polarized today. However, these groups (both left and right) have always been there and now the focus is on them and what activities both legal and illegal are they doing to “win their way”.

I believe most voters do not fit into this category of special interest. They have own beliefs and reasons for voting outside of what the press publishes, and they are the silent majority. I think it’s a case of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” when it comes to the press and these special interest groups.

Q. Do you think the bitterness and divisiveness in politics will recede or are things just getting ready for something bigger in 2008?

The bitterness between the extremists on both sides of the fence will always remain, but they are not who run this country. I’m sure the focus over time will shift to another “crisis” the press deems to be gripping the country. I’m thankful that regardless of whatever the far right/left is always trying to scheme about, that we have strong leaders that get the job done.

Q. The president’s approval ratings are dismal. In your honest opinion, do you think that the media has been unfairly biased against the George W. Bush?

Yes, I think the media is unfairly biased. I never hear about the good things we are doing for our own country and abroad. There’s never any coverage of the soldiers who believe in defending their country and are blessed to have the opportunity. There’s never any statistics that come out about how historically fast we were able to take over a hostile nation. There’s never any coverage about how we’ve been

Q. If so (to the above question), do you think that the Democrats have gotten a free ride from the press?

The Democrats may “rule the press”, but at least Republicans dominate the radio!

Q. What has been your overall impression of the Bush administration?

The Bush Administration is more focused than the Clinton administration. There may have been mistakes, depending on who you ask, but at least our leaders are making serious attempts at the threats facing our nation today. I respect that. I don’t respect Hollywood wannabes such as the Clintons, where they would make feeble attempts at controlling larger threats (sending missiles over to “warn” Osama), Slick Willy having affairs deliberately exploiting his position.

Q. Who do you see as being the major contenders for the 2008 Republican nomination for president?

That’s hard to say, the people I would think would make great Presidents are not interested in the office, such as Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, or Condi.

Q. Who do you think will be the 2008 Republican nominee?

I have NO idea.

Q. Who do you think would be the worst 2008 Republican nominee?

John McCain

Q. Who do you think are today’s most influential conservative female authors, columnists, or bloggers?

Ann Coulter comes to mind. Love her or hater her, she is very educated and knowledgeable. I love her abrasive style, because sometimes people need a dope slap to get your message across.

Q. Is there a female author or politician that has greatly inspired you?

I like Nancy Reagan. She is always so polished and poised. You need those traits in a position of power. Laura Bush demonstrates these qualities, also. However, Hillary Clinton does not.

Q. There are so few women in the blogosphere. What is your opinion on why there are so few?

We’re too damn busy working, cleaning, and taking care of kids!

Q. Many segments of the media have all but declared Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. What kind of impact do you think she will have on undecided female voters?

She will have no impact. Most women inside are wary of a female President, and I feel when there is a REAL woman being nominated, she will have risen to the position on her own merits, and not that of her husband’s or a media circus. Many women also feel that she should have left Bill after his affair, and it is not honorable that she stuck out with her marriage to advance her political career. She should advance through her own actions, and most women feel the same way.