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Hooah Wife

A Massachusetts’s Liberal Becomes a Serviceman’s Wife and a Republican

Interview II
President Bush continues to be trashed by the media because of a “crisis of the moment” mentality. National Summary had the opportunity to interview Greta Perry from Hooah Wife for her insight into presidential politics and the media.

Below are her responses to our interview questions. And National Summary would like to thank Greta for her time and effort for this interview.

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Q. George W. Bush has an MBA from Harvard and flew jet fighters in the Air National Guard, yet he is routinely portrayed him as a dimwitted idiot. How do you think this inaccurate and unfair caricature of Bush began?

Of course the MSM has to attack someone who doesn’t support their left-wing agenda. I personally don’t know of any stupid people that got into Harvard and graduated! The SNL skits have been funny but the 3rd grade mentality of most the country tends to believe what they see and read instead of looking into the facts!

Q. After 9-11 and especially after the Republican victories in the 2002 elections, Democrats, Hollywood, and Liberal bloggers began to depict Bush as evil and diabolic. How and why do you think Bush ended up with this dark and sinister caricature, especially if the same people thought that he was supposed to be stupid and unintelligent?

Go to answer #1 and then twist it to meet the MSM goals.

Q. The Clinton impeachment was embarrassing for Democrats. Do you think it has played a role in the incessant trashing of George W. Bush?

No, Clinton did a good enough job embarrassing himself. Some trashing is deserved, after all nobody is perfect – except for Ted Kennedy.

Q. Democrats expected the Republican Party to take a big hit in the 2002 elections. That didn’t happen. They also expected Bush to handily lose the 2004 elections and for the Republican Party to also take a beating in the House and Senate. Again, that didn’t happen. By consistently depicting Bush as either stupid or evil, do you feel that Democrats have a very poor understanding of the president as well as the people who vote for him?

I don’t think it is that the Democrats don’t understand people who vote Republican, they just don’t know who they are. If people on the left, esp. Jews, stepped outside their comfort zones and really examined the reasons to vote with their party – they would change their mind. Habits, esp. bad ones, like voting Democrat, are hard to break!

Q. The press published numerous outrageous accusations by Democrats about Bush. For instance, Bush was going to reinstate the draft, etc. What responsibility do you think that the media has since many of those absurd accusations have never come to pass?

They were dreamed up by the media and continue to be dreams of the left.

Q. Michael Moore had a huge impact on the way that some people perceived Bush prior to the 2004 election. Do you see this happening again for future presidential campaigns if such blatantly biased documentaries continue to be released?

Some of my family members believed Moore’s word as the gospel at one point. They may continue to buy into media driven propaganda, but most have written of Moore as a whacko by now!

Just today my mom talked about the two US soldiers killed this past week in Iraq and how horrible it is to keep this war going. The next sentence that spewed from her mouth was the string of recent killing in the Boston area where she lives. She still doesn’t make the connection that the media drives the anti-war sentiment!

Q. Because of the way that the press has behaved, some people are beginning to believe that everything negative that happens in the world is Bush’s fault. Examples would be the levees breaking in New Orleans, miners dying in mine shafts, etc. Do you feel that the media is creating a false set of expectations on what a president is actually responsible for or is capable of preventing?

Well of course they are! We live in a “blame him, her or it society, instead of a blame me or nature.” Who better to be a pińata for anything that goes wrong, than the most powerful man in the free world. Democrats want the Federal Government to have their hand in everything. Since the DNC is such a mess, there only easy angle is to blame the guy in charge (who happens to be of the other party affiliation).

Q. Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry committed glaring gaffes but the press rarely sensationalized them. On the other hand, Bush has had to defend himself on almost every front, like his whereabouts in the National Guard, etc. Looking back in hindsight, do you think that Gore and Kerry got a “free ride” from the press?

Once again, of course! Unfortunately, the President doesn’t always do a good job explaining himself either.

Q. During the Clinton administration, I remember constantly reading glowing reports from the media about a good economy, low unemployment, low crime, etc. Today, we have a growing economy, low unemployment, low inflation, low crime, low mortgage interest rates, high home ownership, and domestic terrorist strikes have been averted. However, I don’t see the press making a big deal about that as they did with Clinton. Do you see a bias in the press in how well the country is doing?

When the headline is “two US soldiers killed in Iraq, gas prices rise, global warming continue under this President & the DOW is up,” the latter is overlooked or ignored.