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Hooah Wife

A Massachusetts’s Liberal Becomes a Serviceman’s Wife and a Republican

National Summary had the opportunity to interview Greta Perry from Hooah Wife to ask her about the web site she runs and about her insight to politics.

Greta, once a liberal from Massachusetts, details her transformation into a serviceman’s wife and a Republican. This is a very fascinating story.

Below are her responses to our interview questions. And National Summary would like to thank Greta for her time and effort for this interview.

Web Site: Hooah Wife

Q. Please give us a little bit of personal background about yourself.

I grew up in MA in a very liberal Jewish family, with one “closet” Republican Grandma. The only thing I cared about until I was 25 years old was to save the seal pups and be nice to animals. My Greenpeace days are long over since I have “grown” up and defined my political views. Of course, I still love animals. I have always been pro-choice and still remain that way, even though I am a Republican.

People are always surprised I am a Republican, given that I am Jewish, grew up in MA, don’t go to church every weekend, we aren’t “rich” by most standards and I don’t look like a school marm.

Q. And also give us a background about your interest in politics.

I went around without any political views for a long time. After meeting my husband during graduate school and getting married, I still remained ignorant. Probably about 7 years ago, I decided I better learn more about politics since I married a soldier. I also hated feeling lost in many political conversations. It was my duty as an American and a Soldier’s wife to understand the world around me better.

Q. What inspired you to create your web site?

My friend Cat (1 of my partners in blogging on Elephant in My Coffee) sent me the link to her blog about 2 years ago. I was clueless to the whole world of blogging and her closet political views past her bumper sticker for the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” My husband and I were immediately hooked on reading her blog during the Presidential race.

When my husband was getting deployed to Iraq, I decided I needed a personal outlet to share my feelings during his deployment. Mind you, I also have an extremely liberal family who don’t necessarily support the President or the war in Iraq. It has become my “free therapy” and part of my daily life.

Q. What have been the biggest challenges to maintaining your web site?

Actually when hubby isn’t home, I have more time to blog. When he is home, my schedule gets all messed up.

Q. What has been the greatest satisfaction you have gotten from your web site?

Having a little cyber community of supporters during the war and his continued military service.

Q. The 2004 presidential election has been one of the most polarized elections in recent memory. Do you think that today people are more politicized than ever before?

With a society of people who don’t like to take responsibility, people have become more politicized. They want to blame someone for their problems or be happy for someone that helps them somehow. I don’t think the majority of Americans even understand the differences between the political parties, but get carried away with the media “hype.” Most people shouldn’t even vote and voting against the politician you dislike is just ludicrous.

Q. Do you think the bitterness and divisiveness in politics will recede or are things just getting ready for something bigger in 2008?

With the world of blogging becoming so popular, the only hope is that the blogosphere will become the newest platform for the news and combat the mainstream media (MSM), along with the Conservative radio show hosts and Fox News channel. Brace yourself; it is going to get ugly!

Q. The president’s approval ratings are dismal. In your honest opinion, do you think that the media has been unfairly biased against the George W. Bush, especially in regards to the Iraqi war?

ABSOLULTELY!!! Once again, blogs can combat the MSM. Blogs actually highlight good stories that come from “over there” (Iraq, Afghanistan) and try to keep human touch involved. I belong to Milbloggers and love reading the stories that come from the soldiers and not a reporter with an agenda.

Q. If so (to the above question), do you think that the Democrats have gotten a free ride from the press?

Of course, the MSM is undoubtedly slanted and anyone who doesn’t read the news without being aware of that probably doesn’t care.

Q. What has been your overall impression of the Bush administration?

I think everyone had a memory lapse when it comes to the War on Terror. He told the American people right from the beginning that this war would be long and hard. I could play armchair politician and say what I would have done in this situation or in that, but in general he has done an amazing job.

Q. Who do you see as being the major contenders for the 2008 Republican nomination for president?

I am crossing my fingers that someone wonderful crawls out from the woodwork on the Republican side. I don’t see 2 women candidates being in the near future, but it is early enough for things to change. Guliani may be a good leader, but his morals will come into play immediately.

Q. Who do you think will be the 2008 Republican nominee?

I think it is too early to predict.

Q. Who do you think would be the worst 2008 Republican nominee?

Hmmmm…John McCain.

Q. Who do you think are today’s most influential conservative female authors, columnists, or bloggers?

Michelle Malkin & Laura Ingraham are the ones that immediately come to mind. I blog with many women who I feel should be much more well known. Hopefully myself and my blogging friends will get a TV show where we discuss current events and politics as related to blogging.

Q. Is there a female author or politician that has greatly inspired you?

Not that comes to mind immediately, so I guess no. I am a big reader, but mostly for fun. I used to enjoy Ann Coulter but feel her bitterness has given herself the title of “moonbat” from many bloggers. A moonbat is someone that is extreme on either end of the political spectrum.

Q. There are so few women in the blogosphere. What is your opinion on why there are so few?

I think there are more women now than ever before. I think the women in their mid 30s and up who could be influential, are either busy with their career or their family. I am still amazed by women my age who don’t even know what a blog is or don’t use a computer past e-bay.

Q. Many segments of the media have all but declared Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. What kind of impact do you think she will have on undecided female voters?

We can only hope she will show her “true colors” immediately and her “failed” health plan will be highlighted by the media. I hope females aren’t stupid enough to buy into her plan, but she is a good “politician/actor.”