Immigration Guard Overrun

US Border Attacked

National Guard Overrun

By D.W.

A National Guard team of an unspecified size was forced to retreat from their observation post along the U.S. and Mexican border in Arizona between Nogales and Lukeville. No one was injured when a group of gunmen opened fire on the outpost at 11:00 pm.

Now when I heard about this incident I was enraged. How does something like this happen on our own border?

We are the most powerful nation on earth and our National Guard can’t even fend off a group of gunmen with small arms; what an embarrassment.

But what is even more embarrassing is that too many of our mealy mouth spineless politicians are more afraid of sparking an international incident by the National Guardsmen actually killing one of the gunmen than they are about the Guardsmen being killed. The Guardsmen were probably under the impression that they too would be prosecuted if they acted in self-defense and actually killed someone in the line of duty. I have seen this happen too many times in Iraq where soldiers didn’t shoot even when they were well within their rights because they were more afraid of being court-martialed.

Most of the mainstream media would have us believe that illegal aliens are mostly poor desperate Mexicans who are crossing the border so they can find work. Many border crossers are harmless, but as this incident vividly demonstrates, not all of them are. Whether you want to believe it or not, there are a lot of dangerous criminals crossing the border and perhaps some day in the future, even terrorists might want to take advantage of this.

This incident also suggests that this situation is probably going to get worse especially when our Guard units are unarmed or only have a nominal amount of ammunition. Furthermore, in the very same area of the attack, 124,000 pounds of narcotics have already been confiscated.

The Border Patrol insists the attackers quickly retreated back into Mexico, but this is probably a “politically correct” official response.

And regardless if the gunmen of this incident and of any future attacks are drug smugglers or rogue groups from the Mexican army, what kind of message does it send when our own Guard units are forced to quickly retreat?

Perhaps if the United States had a comprehensive border protection system that defended the border in depth, the Guard wouldn’t have had to retreat. If there was a tough fence armed with sensors we would have known there was a penetration before shots were fired. And a better defensive system would have better enabled the Border Patrol to capture the attackers before they crossed back into Mexico.

Of course we don’t have a formidable border fence because too many of our elected officials are kowtowing to the message of political correctness about illegal immigration.

A good in-depth border defense system would also keep out many of the harmless illegal aliens who aren’t armed and dangerous. Of course, violent criminals would still attempt to cross into our country but such a fence would help us by separating the wheat from the chaff. With fewer people crossing the border we would have more agents to interdict them as opposed to a handful of agents chasing many different groups.

But what is really going to happen from this event?

Probably nothing that is substantial.

Many of our politicians have already concluded that the Guard behaved appropriately and have even applauded them for retreating in such a cowardly fashion. And perhaps our bureaucrats will even encourage such action for the many future incidents that are bound to happen.

At least no one got hurt from this attack, especially evil drug smugglers who want to poison our children and turn them into junkies.

And more to the point, every American ought to be outraged by this violent attack on our National Guard.

We need to face facts. Mexico is a weak third world country that wants to pawn its problems on the United States rather than fix them on their own nickel. Our southern neighbor has absolutely no interest in assisting us to secure the border and any talk to this effect is just nothing more than diplomatic niceties. Of course Mexico secures its southern border nice and tight with troops and metes out strict punishment for illegal incursions into its territory; and they even prosecute illegal aliens.

Everyone should take this border intrusion personally and contact your Congressman to express your displeasure for their lack of leadership on this issue. The gunmen attacked some National Guardsmen this time, but next time they might hijack a school bus. And if they are willing to attack uniformed troops, then they are willing to attack anyone, even you!