Elections Voter Identification

I Am Who I Say I Am

Now Let’s Prove it with Some ID

By Daniel Muniz

Perhaps nothing can set up more of a racial firestorm than requiring a voter to show valid government-issued picture ID when casting a ballot for an election. The state of Georgia is battling courts and activists groups in its attempt to tackle voter fraud by eliminating the loose standards currently in place.

Naturally, the usual casts of racial arsonists like the ACLU, NAACP, League of Women Voters, and others, oppose this reform. Unfortunately, employing the use of racial slander and defamation is the most potent and effective weapon that the arsonists have. And they have employed it with remarkable effectiveness.

But voter fraud is real. And it is a problem that cannot be ignored.

It is ridiculously easy to commit fraud when there is practically no way to prove the true identification of a voter. And since elections are laws are local, there are no national standards to guide the voting process. This kind of unaccountability makes cheating at the ballot box easy.

Surprisingly, there is no debate that the currents standards of presenting identification for voting in most states are joke. Even the racial arsonists reluctantly admit that voter fraud can easily be accomplished although they insist that fraudulent voting is practically non-existent in Georgia. Their plan is just to keep things the way that they are instead of trying to solve a legitimate problem.

And it is almost never asked by the press is why certain activist groups so adamant in believing that such fraud is not prevalent when it can be demonstrated how easily it can be done.

Throughout the country, the requirement to verify the identity of a voter to cast a ballot in an election is very low. For most states, just about any form of documentation that has no picture of its owner, such as a utility bill, is considered to be valid proof of identification. Even library cards, video rental cards, and gym memberships can pass the threshold. As a result, it doesn’t take much to commit voter fraud.

And there are tens of thousands of jurisdictions that bitterly complain about this lackadaisical approach to one of the most important safeguards to our freedoms. That is, the right to free and fair elections.

But why hasn’t anything substantial ever been done about it?

Not that anyone has ever tried but the moment common sense requirements are discussed, the specter of racisms rears its ugly head. Just like a salacious murder trial, when someone is obviously guilty, the defense immediately attempts to put someone else on trial so that the defendant can deflect the charges to someone else. The same happens here.

It is easy to call a white person a racist, especially if you are living in the South. Democrats do it all the time.